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Besides providing Advanced Material and Characterization services. We can support  your electrochemical research from synthesize, characterization, such as.


Advanced Materials and General Materials Needs :


Characterization and General Laboratory Equipment


Besides providing Advanced Material and Characterization services. We also have various products in our catalogue such as DLAB, Ossila, Neware, Tobnew, Agilent, Corrtest, B-One. TCI, Merck, Sigma-Aldrich, Supelco, Iwaki, Mettler Toledo, Whatman, SCRC, Prolab, Fulltime


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I am very grateful for the quick and friendly support and service from PT. Advance Material Indonesia. It is rare for a company to be willing to wait or keep goods without a down payment, especially since I had a delay in my payment schedule yesterday . For this, I express my gratitude and hope that cooperation can be established in the future.


Mrs. Tyas



+ many universities and industry

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  • Apa kepanjangan AMI?
    PT. ASA Material Indonesia
  • Apa saja barang dan jasa yang AMI sediakan?
    Bahan dan alat laboratorium terutma di bidang elektrokimia Instrument uji Jasa Karakterisasi Sample
  • Bagaimana cara melakukan pembelin barang dan jasa di AMI?
    AMI melyani pembelian/permintaan melalui Tokopedia, WhatsApp, dan Email
  • Daerah ckupan layanan AMI?
    AMI melayani ke seluruh Indonesia
  • Dimana alamat kantor AMI?
    Jl. H Gofur No.57 Kp.Rawatengah Tanimulya, Kec. Ngamprah Kab. Bandung barat, Indonesia
  • Apakah alat dan bahan yang dijual AMI ready stok?
    Ready stok untuk bahan dan alat laboratorium tertentu Untuk alat besar dan instrument indent 1-6 bulan Harap tanyakan stok sebelum melakukan pembelian
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